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Sep, 10 2010 - New software module for "Samsung Electronics"

"Strongust" introduced new software module for "Samsung Electronics" allowing to control goods presense agreements in shops.

Jun, 06 2010 - Software solution for advertisement delivery at TV and radio

Leading international corporation "Adstream" has aquired software solution from "Strongust" for ad materials delivery at TV and radio. There are multilevel approval workflow module and billing among key subsystems.

Jan, 21 2010 - "Viewfinity Partnership" modern solution is online

"Strongust" professionals developed and deployed software solution for affiliate program accounting and management.

Nov, 24 2009 - Shelf share analysis system for "Samsung Electronics" has been updated

It's important to have information about sales in the context of goods shelf share statistics to determine the reasons of insufficient sales in specified region or in some trading network. Multidimensional dynamic reports from "Strongust" allow tracking the main market regularities. Several hundreds of "Samsung Electronics" employees access web-system for data input and analysis. Dedicated power server computer is used for hosting of the solution.

Aug, 11 2009 - Booking System launching for "Humanic Group"

System allows managing corporate events and business parties through internet with important functions of on-line reaction on customers demand change.

May, 05 2009 - Shortage accounting module for "Samsung Electronics" has been launched into production

Module allows reacting on absence of popular goods in shops operatively. In such way Samsung managers have the instrument for sales increasing.

Feb, 19 2009 - Web site for "UKO-Group" building holding has been launched

One of the leading building companies in Ukraine got solid web representation.

Nov, 28 2008 - "Byggestart" enterprise resource planning solution has been released

"Byggestart" is the leader of the Danish building market. Currently "Byggestart" has individual software solution including back-end for company managers and front-end for customers.

Sep, 05 2008 - Automatic translation module released for "Samsung Electronics"

"Strongust" professional always pay especial attention for important aspects of customers' business processes and propose flexible solutions. In the case automatic translation module has been developed for Russian to English translation to improve Samsung internal collaboration processes.

Jun, 25 2008 - Corporate portal launching for advertising agency "Rumes"

Quantity of Customers has been increased after launching new portal. Currently customers may track status of their order on-line.

Mar, 18 2008 - Marketing activity system deployment for "Samsung Electronics"

Due to new system "Samsung Electronics" got advantage of competitors marketing activities analysis and in increased sales.

Dec, 10 2007 - Marketing activity system development for "Samsung Electronics"

System is planned to be an instrument for accounting marketing activity information of "Samsung Electronics" and competitors. Previous obsolete solution used for this task was based on Microsoft Excel and was not corresponding with distributed multi user data access.

Aug, 04 2007 - Price monitoring system deployment for "Samsung Electronics"

Solution is being used in all regions of Ukraine on a 24 hour basis. Due to new information system Samsung’s manager have the opportunity to analyze situation in shops and make appropriate managing decisions.

Apr, 01 2007 - Corporate portal development for advertising agency "Rumes"

New portal is planned to display structured information about company production and services for internet users.

Dec, 03 2006 - Price monitoring system development "Samsung Electronics

Price monitoring system development has been started for "Samsung Electronics". New software will help to conduct marketing information from points of sale. Detailed reports will be developed for data analysis.